Up all night replacing lost pacifiers?

The Award-Winning Baby Comforter That Has Helped Thousands of Babies and Toddlers To Settle and Be Happy

New and improved velcro

Stronger grip and longer lasting

What’s so special about me?

I can hold onto cot bars and buggy straps

I stop soothers getting lost by holding on to them

I have Velcro paws that hold onto things to help baby sleep

I’m a perfect pillow for little heads on changing tables

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What our fans say

By the fourth night of having our ‘dummy bunny’, our son was finding it himself at night and going over to sleep himself, it was a miracle!

Aislinn Wilson

These are perfect! Not only do they hold dummies, so they are hard to lose, but they are super soft and snuggly. My girl loves to rub the silky soft ears. Nap and sleep time is now so easy.


It’s very cute! I love the idea that when it is time to give up the dummy, that he will still have a cuddly friend with him!

Josh And Amberley

Sleepytots have seriously transformed my life by getting my little ones to find their dummy and go through the night 12 hours and I cannot tell you how much of a difference they have made. They gave me the gift of sleep, which with 3 young kids is much needed! Thank you!’

Claire Dickinson

We love our sleepytot, and it is without doubt the best thing we bought for our son. Wonderful product and would highly highly recommend.

Maria Carter

Total game changer. I have brought a few of these for my kids and my friends children and honestly they are a life saver. When it comes to taking dummies away just remove one dummy each few weeks then your little one has their comforter to love and snuggle.

Paige L

Yay! We won some awards!

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