Sleepytot International is owned by us, Fiona Boodee and Michelle Green.  We are the Australian and New Zealand Distributor for the Lulla Doll from Iceland, the Rockit Rocker, Doddl Cutlery, Bibado Bibs, Easytots suction plates, Easynight Blackout Blinds and more. 

We have been besties from school and have 6 children between us and we know what sleepless nights are all about!  Our passion is to bring tried and tested products to other mums to make parenting that little bit easier in this very busy world

Sleepytot began back in 2006 when new mum Lucy’s first baby, Laurie, was born. On the steepest learning curve of her life, she was getting to grips with parenthood and teaching Laurie to sleep through the night. All seemed to be going well until Laurie reached about 5 months old, and she was suddenly faced with the dreaded dummy runs.

Other than the fact that he needed Lucy to locate the dummy for him every time he woke (about 5 times a night!) things were beginning to fall into place and Lucy could see that Laurie was sleeping well and feeling safe and secure in his world.

Not strong enough to jump in with two feet and remove the dummy, Lucy set about creating a solution which would mean Laurie could use his soother independently. He needed something soft and loveable that was perfectly safe, that was easy for him to hold, and that she could attach dummies to, but also take them off to wash and replace easily. And of course it needed to be machine washable!

A long search for what she was looking for proved that there was nothing available to solve her problem and so Lucy set about creating her own product… and Sleepytot was born.

Sleepytot is distributed in the UK by Mike and Zoe Whitburn through their wholesale business Babyprice, all stock is held and despatched from their warehouse in Yeovil, Somerset.

We receive lots of pictures and testimonials to reassure us that Sleepytot is working hard. Take a look at our Star of the Blog posts to see lots of happy and very cute babies and toddlers from around the globe!

If you are interested in stocking Sleepytot then please contact us on mike@babyprice.co.uk


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Michelle and Fe xoxox


Meet the team

Fiona Boodee

Fiona Boodee

I'm Fiona and I am the co-owner of Sleepytot International. I live in the beautiful country of New Zealand and I am married to Marc and mum to Samuel 7 years and Georgia 19 years. I first came across these amazing Sleepytots nearly 6 years ago and can honestly say they were life changing. I decided I needed to bring them to NZ and that’s how my business started with Sleepytot NZ.  We we so thrilled when we were given the amazing opportunity to purchase Sleepytot International late in 2018.  

You can contact Fiona at info@sleeptytot.co.nz

Michelle Green

Michelle Green

I'm Michelle, also a Kiwi but living in the land of Oz. I am married to Aaron and mum to our beautiful children Flynn, Charlotte, Chloe and Poppy. As well as being co-owner of Sleepytot International I am the owner of  Sleep Tight Babies in Australia. Fiona and I have been besties since high school and it is a dream to be able to work together in business. It means we speak nearly every day!

You can contact Michelle on info@sleeptightbabies.com.au

Here at Sleepytot we are a small team of dedicated mummies and daddies with family committments too. We try to get the work / life balance right, so have a policy of very flexible, family friendly working hours. If someone needs time off to see their son or daughter in a school assembly or sports day then we always try to juggle things around so they don’t miss out. This means that sometimes, you will need to leave a message and we will come back to you later in the day. We all carry smart phones and can access our emails when we are not available on the phone, so please feel free to email us if you can’t reach us by phone.

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