Dexter and “Ralph” are Star of the Blog!

Dexter and “Ralph” are Star of the Blog!

This week’s star of the blog is Dexter with his big grey sleepytot baby comforter. Oh, how cute does he look all curled up and fast asleep in his cot?! Baby and his comforter And here’s some feedback from Dexter’s mum, Nikki.

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for such a wonderful product. My son Dexter was still waking up several times in the night at 6 months as he had managed to flick his dummy out through the bars of his cot. He also struggled to sleep in his cot during the day and we often had go go out for walks or use his vibrating chair to help him sleep. I found Sleeptots on a forum about dummys. From day one since it arrived he has slept 12 hours a night and he will now sleep wherever we put him as long as he has ‘Ralph’ (his Sleepytot bunny) with him. I literally just put him in the cot and leave him. Even if he does not go straight to sleep he is happy to just lie there until he drifts off. I really cannot recommend these bunnies enough- absolutley the best thing I have bought for Dexter since having him.”

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