Elodie Is This Month’s Star of the Blog!

Elodie Is This Month’s Star of the Blog!

Sleepytot baby comforter star of the blog It’s July and this month’s Star of the Blog goes to the adorable Elodie who absolutely loves her SleepyTot bunny and takes it everywhere she goes! The newfound love between Elodie and her cuddly companion also means that mum Zoe is finally getting a good night’s sleep.

“No more dummy runs for mummy,” Zoe happily told us.

We love stories like this one – as they echo exactly why the SleepyTot comforter was created back in 2006. Just like so many other exhausted mums, new mum Lucy experienced the daunting “dummy runs” when her son, Laurie, reached 5 months. Every night came around in Groundhog Day-fashion as Laurie would cry for the dummy that had fallen out of his mouth and Lucy would desperately rummage around in the dark to find it. With this happening up to five times a night, Lucy searched for a safe, snugly and security-giving product that would hold Laurie’s dummy in place. Of course, as all mums know, the product would have to be machines washable too! But Lucy’s search was unsuccessful – so she took matters into her own hands.

The result is our wide range of multi-award winning baby comforters that are helping babies, toddlers and parents around the world to sleep without disruption.