How to Cope With the Clocks Changing!

How to Cope With the Clocks Changing!

October may be the time to layer up, kick leaves and throw conkers for the rest of the UK, but for new parents, it is the month that brings a serious threat to sleeping routines… the big autumn clock change!

On the 30th October this year, the clocks will go back an hour, meaning your little one may soon want to start the day at what feels like (and appears to be outside) the small hours!

Many parents find our SleepyTot baby comforters come in especially handy at this time of year, as the familiarity of such a cosy, cuddly companion encourages babies to fall contently back to sleep. Another way to help get your child used to the time change is to start delaying the bedtime routine a week or two before the clocks go back. Settling your child 15 minutes later than usual every few days – until bedtime has moved an hour later – will help them adjust to the time difference and make it easier for them to stay in bed until the correct wake-up time in the morning.

Make sure you are ready for the 30th October; then you too can layer up, kick leaves and throw conkers!

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