Jake is star of the blog!

Jake is star of the blog!

What a cute picture of Jake snuggled up with his sleepytot bunny! Jake’s Mum Vanessa sent this in for us and this is what she had to say:

"Hi all,

I’ve been posting on the forum (Vee_Moz post title 3 month old awake all night…Desperate). Jake has always been a bad sleeper but it got to a point where I was like the walking dead as he was up 15 times a night!

I ordered the Sleepytot and straightaway things started to improve. He’s got himself back to sleep a few times and when I’ve checked he’s been holding onto the ears!

Thanks for all your help and here’s hoping that things keep getting better.

We are so pleased that Jake loves his sleepytot and that everyone is getting more sleep! Thanks for the picture Vanessa!