Monique is star of the blog!

Monique is star of the blog!

This month’s Star of the Blog is the adorable little 4 month old Monique. We just love how she is clinging onto her Sleepytot Bunny Comforter’s ear, it’s very cute!

Monique’s mum Charlotte, sent the photo into us and this is what she had to say about Sleepytot:

Recommend by my friend and her daughter Susie I decided to try “bunny with the dummies”!

Monique loves it, she likes the soft feel and loves to hold bunny. She’s already at just 4 months old starting to put the dummy in her mouth with help from sleepy tot! I can see an end to the dummy wake up calls through the night!

Thank you for sharing with us Charlotte and thank you to Susie’s mummy for spreading the word for us and enabling a Sleepytot Comforter to help out once again!

If you have a picture of your little one with their Sleepytot comforter that you would like to share then please get in touch!