Zach Bee is Star of the Blog!

Zach Bee is Star of the Blog!

This week, Merrigan’s little one, Zach Bee is Star of the Blog and he really is just sooooo cute!

In this picture, Zach is 5 months and his mummy says,

“What a super product the Sleepytot Comforter is (or as we know it the ‘Dummy Bunny.’)

When this photo was taken he was just starting to use the comforter, a couple of months later and he is much more skilful with it and it is a great way to help him settle himself. So pleased your product has been really successful, I am sure it has helped lots of mums and babies – and also provided a few laughs…”

Got any photos to share? Send them to and your little one could be Star of the Blog next week!

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