Aurora is star of the blog!

Aurora is star of the blog!

We have a new star!

Little 9 month old Aurora is gorgeous and she loves to play hide and seek with her sleepytot bunny!

We received an e-mail from Aurora’s Mummy Debbie and this is what she had to say:

"My daughter Aurora was born with Silent Reflux and found it difficult to self settle at night, especially as her dummy kept getting lost. A friend recommended the Sleepytot Bunny and I’ve not looked back since.

Aurora was diagnosed at 1 month of age with Silent Reflux and your product really has helped her. I actually recommended your product to another Mum with a baby with Silent Reflux.

Aurora actually named her Sleepytot Coco; she actually says the name Coco when she plays Hide and Seek which is so sweet. Sleepytot really does help her settle, so THANK YOU for that."

It is lovely to hear that Sleepytot has helped with Aurora’s silent reflux, thank you so much for sharing this with us Debbie, Aurora is beautiful. x