Jack is star of the blog!

Jack is star of the blog!

“My son has loved your dummy since day one…it really is my saviour.”
Wow … that’s how Jack’s mum, Lynne, wrote in her email to us.

9 month year old Jack Allery is the Sleepytot Star for November and Lynne goes on to say …

“My sons name is Jack Allery. He was born on the 11th February 2013, so is almost 9 months old. We have two small sleepy tots, soon will purchase the bigger ones lol. He absolutely loves his sleepy tot.

When it’s day time and he wants a nap he uses it to block out the light and he holds onto the ear for comfort as its the ideal shape. It is brilliant for me as they machine wash really well and sometimes at night I put more than one dummy on. Also I use one of the legs to strap to his seat when we’re out so that it doesn’t fall on the floor. At night if he wakes up and can’t find his dummy it is so much easier for me to find than a dummy on its own. We really love your product!!!”

Thanks Lynne for getting in touch and sharing the benefits you and Jack have experienced with our Sleepytot baby comforter (all of them!).

Lynne, like so many of our Sleepytot owners, know the value of having a family of Sleepytots to hand! That’s why having an Essential Spare to hand is such a great idea.
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