Charlotte is star of the blog!

Charlotte is star of the blog!

We absolutely love hearing from Mums and Dads who tell us they are getting more sleep thanks to their Sleepytot bunny, so I was delighted to receive this e-mail from Emma with a picture of her beautiful daughter Charlotte. It appears that a Sleepytot bunny was just what Emma and Charlotte both needed after countless sleepless nights!

This is what Charlotte’s Mummy Emma had to say:

"Hi Julie,

I thought I would send you an email and photo further to receiving our Sleepytot Bunny yesterday.

Charlotte is nearly 7 months old and since dropping the night feeds a couple of months ago I have been getting up at least 6 times a night to put her dummy back thus her going back to sleep until it falls out again :-(

I dubiously placed my order for a Sleepytot Bunny, desperately hoping this could be the answer to our problems.

She arrived yesterday and I excitedly attached a dummy to one of the arms (see attached photo) and Charlotte immediately put the dummy in her mouth whilst hugging the bunny, result!

Obviously the test was last night, I followed the same bedtime routine as usual and put Charlotte down at 7pm awake but with her Sleepytot Bunny, she went straight to sleep and didn’t wake up until 7am this morning! When I went in she was happily gurgling away with a dummy in her mouth and cuddling bunny, perfect :-)

I’m hoping it was not a one off fluke and that I can now throw away the matchsticks that have been keeping my eyes open for the past few months :-)

Many thanks
Emma :-)"

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Emma, we really hope that Charlotte continues to sleep well with her Sleepytot and that you all get lots more rest from now on! x