Madeline is star of the blog!

Madeline is star of the blog!

Isn’t 12 month old Madeline just adorable?

Madeline loves her Big Grey Sleepytot bunny and her Mummy Nicola sent us this lovely message and photo to let us know!

Here is what she had to say:

"Hi Julie,

This is Madeline (12 months) with her sleepytot named Billy the Bunny! We introduced the sleepytot at 5 months I placed my order at 4 am online after another terrible night of chasing lost dummies round the cot and it is the best purchase I ever made!

Maddy took to the Sleepytot straight away and would dangle him over her head till one of the dummies would land in her mouth! He has also over time become her comfort toy so I always feel reassured as long as her Sleepytot accompanies her she will always feel secure, she likes to crawl around with him or just lay on him!

I also think the Sleepytot was the ideal toy to wean her off her dummies (which we wanted to do before her sibling arrives) we gradually took a dummy away at a time and noticed she liked to tickle her face with with the ears and we had no fuss whatsoever!

Top purchase!"

Thanks so much for sending us the picture, we always love to see little ones with their bunnies! Good luck with baby number 2, we would love to see a picture of your new baby with their Sleepytot one day!