Evie is star of the blog!

Evie is star of the blog!

Our new Star of the Blog is a devoted fan.

4 month old Evie can’t get enough of her Sleepytot Baby Comforter with her not wanting to wash it.

“Snuggle bunny doesn’t need washing mummy! I promise’ *puppy dog eyes*”

They now have a spare bunny so when one is in the wash Evie still has a SleepyTot bunny to cuddle.

Evie’s mum Katy also said;

“These bunnies are everywhere at the toddler group we use thanks to my big sister spreading the word after getting one for her LO, but we’re the only one with a cream one, best thing we bought our little girl”

We are glad our Sleepytot baby comforters are keeping everyone happy.