Lana is star of the blog!

Lana is star of the blog!

Lana just had to be our newest Star of the Blog after we saw this gorgeous photo her mum posted on our Facebook page.

The photo truly captures the Sleepytot Baby Comforter ethos of being ‘A Helping Hand in Slumberland’, with the Sleepytot Bunny looking as if it’s holding Lana’s dummy in place while she takes a nap.

Alix wrote to thank us at Sleepytot for "saving our sleep!"

Alix says

"Just want to say a huge thank you to Sleepytot for saving our sleep! Our two girls absolutely love their bunnies.

Our oldest hasn’t had any dummies on hers for over a year, but whenever she is upset it is always bunny that she needs to cuddle. Our youngest only has one dummy on hers now and totally adores him, she has the cutest little ritual of tucking her bunny into bed and saying night night and then squeezing under her duvet next to him and giving him a cuddle before going to sleep herself.This is a little picture of her during her nap today.

Thanks again for the support, advice and most importantly your wonderful bunnies x "

All the team at Sleepytot HQ wanted to say Thank you – Alix for sharing Lana’s photo and letting us know how the Sleepytot Baby Comforters have made such a big difference to your family.