Lexi is star of the blog!

Lexi is star of the blog!

Little Lexi is a big fan of her Sleepytot baby comforter bunny, such a big fan she loves cuddling up with it, she can always find her dummy and she is getting a good night’s sleep regularly.

Lexi likes her Sleepytot Bunny so much her mother has written a lovely poem to sum it all up.

"Little Lexi’s sleepy tot is just heaven

She can now sleep through, 7-7!

No more dummy runs throughout the night,

This little pink bunny is pure delight!

Little Lexi loves snuggling up with her bunny,

Come naptime & bedtime, she can easily find her dummy!

She has learnt to self-soothe with the help of her new little friend,

Phew…..we got there in the end!!" 

What a great poem and thank you mum and Lexi for sharing this with us. We are so happy to hear how the Sleepytot bunny is helping you.