Susie is star of the blog!

Susie is star of the blog!

This month’s Star of the Blog goes to the adorable little Susie. The 6 month old absolutely loves her pink Sleepytot.

The family pre-ordered their pink Sleepytot baby comforter in August and it seems for good reason. Susie can’t get enough of it, in fact she has two pink Sleepytot bunnies.

Mum was happy;

“It was well worth the wait!! It arrived on the Wednesday; I washed it in our fabric softener so it smelt familiar to her and gave it to her on the Thursday!

By the Friday she’d learnt to find the dummy all by herself!!!! With a little help from Sleepytot of course!!! No more waking for the dummy during the night!! Yay!!!!”

Congratulations Susie, enjoy your Sleepytot and have a great Christmas!