Little Lizzie is this week’s Star!

Little Lizzie is this week’s Star!

Here’s Lizzie with her Sleepytot when she was 20 months old. She’s now given up her dummies and here’s what her mum has to say.

“I got a Sleepytot for my 8 month old daughter as the screams when she lost her dummy in the night were unbareable, it worked the 1st night and from then on Lizzie and her Sleepytot are never apart and they have become best friends.

Lizzie was 20 months old in the photo I have enclosed and it was taken 2 days before i removed the dummy from her Bestfriends hand and when I did I was amazed at Lizzie’s reaction she turned her Sleepytot around a few times and then rolled over cuddled her Sleepytot and went to sleep.

She loved her Bunny so much that the fact there was no more dummy the friendship with her Bunny was enough to comfort her. Lizzie is now 2 and still very much Bestfriends with Bunny (lizzie’s name for her Sleepytot) and goes everywhere with us.

Thank You Sleepytot for comforting my baby and for now comforting my little lady and making the transaction a breeze :) ”

Well done Lizzie for giving up your dummies! A Sleepytot Star t-shirt is on its way!

Would you like to win a Sleepytot Star bodysuit or t-shirt for your small person? Just send us your pictures of your little one with the Sleepytot Baby Comforter!