Slice of cake anyone?

Slice of cake anyone?

Nothing makes me happier than a Sleepytot fan. Especially one who has a SLEEPYTOT CAKE for his first birthday!

So when Koby’s mum sent me this message and the piccies, I was literally ecstatic!

” Hiya from Australia,

My baby boy Koby turns 1 today so I made him this very special cake. Bunny has been a godsend for us since he was 2 months old and still is! Ones always soaking in Napisan and the other with my boy always. Koby rubs his face with bunnies ears to help soothe and relax him.

Happy birthday Koby and Bunny”

Happy birthday Koby and Bunny from all of us at Sleepytot too!
I also LOVE the picture of Koby smiling with all his Sleepytots. Gorgeous isn’t it?

And Koby’s mum, what a fab cake maker you are! We’re all very impressed here at Sleepytot!

We think you both deserve a “Star of the Blog” t-shirt but we only do them for small people!

Could your little one be star of the blog next week? Send your piccies in to!