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Are the ‘Dummy Runs’ getting you down? Let the Sleepytot Baby Comforter come to your rescue

Are the ‘Dummy Runs’ getting you down? Let the Sleepytot Baby Comforter come to your rescue

You’re just dropping off and the ‘Dummy Run’ kicks off. It starts with that cry, you leaping out of bed in the pitch dark, then down on your hands and knees rummaging for the dummy that your little one is desperate for.

You’ve tried everything right? And it still ends the same – a disturbed night’s sleep.

If this is the case then you haven’t yet met our multi-award winning Baby Comforter – the Sleepytot Bunny. Sleepytot Bunny is even recommended by the Millpond Child Sleep Clinic.

The Sleepytot Bunny was born in 2006, when a new mum, Lucy, suffered the dreaded ‘Dummy Runs’ when her little boy Laurie reached 5 months. After a while, Lucy realised that, Laurie would fall back to sleep, safe and secure as soon as she replaced his missing dummy – which could be up to 5 times a night!

Lucy searched long and hard for a way to find a suitable product that would hold Laurie’s dummy in place. At the same, time the product had to be safe, easy for Laurie to hold and love. Oh and of course needed to be machine washable!

Lucy couldn’t find anything to solve her problem, so , she set about creating her own. We know it as the Sleepytot Bunny, which has come on to be a multi-award winning baby comfort, loved by babies, toddlers and parents around the world.

Sleepytot is now in our safe hands, Julie and Jon from Mini Moo’s Maternity Ltd., and we continue to ensure that the Sleepytot Bunny is available to children and parents everywhere.

We are confident that If the ‘Dummy Runs’ are getting you down then the Sleepytot Bunny can come to your rescue. Just take a look at our Star of the Blog posts to see how the Sleepytot Bunny has helped lots of happy and very cute babies and toddlers from around the globe.