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How to Stop Your Baby Waking for the Dummy or Pacifier

How to Stop Your Baby Waking for the Dummy or Pacifier

Does your baby wake frequently at night because she loses the dummy? Do you have to get up to find the dummy for her many times throughout the night? If your baby is over six months, here are three tips to stop your baby waking for her dummy or pacifier.

  1. Get yourself a Sleepytot Baby Comforter! Pop a dummy on each paw. When your baby wakes at night looking for the dummy, guide her hand to the Sleepytot and help her to find the dummy. After a few nights, give her a few minutes before you go in to her to let her find the dummy by herself. Within a few nights she will be able to find the dummy on her Sleepytot and go back to sleep without calling for you!

  2. Put loads of dummies in the cot. When your baby wakes and cries for the dummy, go into her and guide her hand to where the pile of dummies are. Do this for about a week. The following week you should give her some time to find a dummy when she wakes.

  3. Use the day to practice playing with the dummies on the Sleepytot baby comforter. Or, put your baby’s dummy beside her and encourage her to put it in her mouth herself.