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Baby’s Sea Shore Wins a Silver Award!

Baby’s Sea Shore Wins a Silver Award!

We don’t like to manufacture just any old products here at Sleepytot. If we’re going to produce something, then we want to make sure it will make a real difference to the lives of sleepless parents and babies all over the world! Which is why we’re so pleased our Baby Sleep CD, Baby’s Sea Shore, has been given a Silver Award from Bizzie Baby’s discerning parent testers.

We know it’s great. And those of you who have a copy say it’s great. But it’s still nice to win an award right?

Here’s what one tester had to say…

“I thought the CD sounded like a good idea to help calm a baby. The cover is cute and explains the CD well; the content is calming but very repetitive! We used this every nap time for 3 weeks and it was very effective after the first use. It always calms baby down and gets him prepared to sleep, the sound is of good quality too. I used to have to walk around with my baby to get him to sleep but now I can just lay him down, play the CD and he will be asleep within minutes!

Emma Eacott – Baby Daniel 4 Months

And another reviewer said…  

”I really liked the look of the CD and thought the cover looked interesting. I was intrigued to see if playing the CD would really help get Frankie to sleep and calm him down. We put the CD on every night for a few weeks and really noticed a difference between the periods that he slept for, and also the times that he woke up.

I do think that it does calm him and helps him get to sleep; he seemed to do this a lot quicker with the CD playing than without. I personally find the CD a little repetitive but if it helps get Frankie to sleep quicker then I am not complaining and we will continue to use it and maybe look into varying the sounds a little down the line!

I think this is good value for money for a last resort product that does help to calm your baby. I would recommend this to anyone having ongoing problems with settling their baby."

Andrea Paisley – Baby Frankie 3 Months

Honestly, it’s just a coincidence that Andrea’s baby is called Frankie as well as my two year old!

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