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Controlled Crying: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

Controlled Crying: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

For some it’s an essential lifeline while for others it’s cruel and unnatural. Controlled crying is a much debated and somewhat controversial sleeping technique that every parent has their own opinion on. Taking a neutral stance, we’ve highlighted the good, the bad and the ugly based on a variety of parent experiences.

The whole idea of controlled crying is that your baby learns to fall asleep by himself which frees you from the need to stay with him until he’s dropped off. You can still use a baby comforter or soother to comfort your child, but you leave when he’s still awake.

The Good

Your little one learns a useful life skill: to be able to fall asleep on his own

Controlled crying is often a quick sleep training method; usually taking between a couple of nights to a couple of weeks.


The Bad

Leaving your child cry and resisting your natural urge to comfort them may leave you feeling distressed and guilty.

Some toddlers may cry until they make themselves sick.

A crying baby can be hard on the ears for everyone in the house – even the neighbours next door!


The Ugly

A child who is used to being picked up or comforted by their parents may initially feel confused or abandoned.

Controlled crying often means having to listen to your child in considerable distress.

Whether you decide that controlled crying is right for you or not, our multi award-winning baby comforters have helped many babies and toddlers to achieve consistent quality sleep. You can read more about our customers’ stories here.