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How many Sleepytot Bunnies live in your home? The Team at Sleepytot the home of the baby comforter ask

How many Sleepytot Bunnies live in your home? The Team at Sleepytot the home of the baby comforter ask

While we’ve been debating this number at Sleepytot, we’ve come up with 5 really good reasons why your home would definitely have more than one Sleepytot.

Here are the 5 reasons we’ve come up with and the experience of some of Sleepytot parents:

1. Replace a lost Sleepytot Bunny

This is probably the most common cry for help we receive here at Sleepytot. We often get emails like this one from Max’s father, Greg, with a parent urgently wanting to get their hands on a new Sleepytot. In this case, Max had lost his small grey bunny and Greg went on to say

“…anything for a quiets night sleep, we can see Max on his baby monitor feeling around his cot for his little companion. “

2. In the Wash Spare

A much loved Sleepytot does need a wash from time to time – after all he goes through a lot every day! If you don’t plan ahead and have a spare at hand you really do find out how much your little one loves their Sleepytot! Little Oakley’s mummy added a review saying

“I give Sleepytot 5 stars our Son loves his Tot-Tot so much we’ve bought another so we always have a backup!”

You can read more about Oakley and his Sleepytot Bunny here

3. A bunny for each child

When you’ve experienced the comfort Sleepytot brings to your little one and the difference it makes to your life, it’s only natural that each of your little ones has their own. Alix shared with us on Facebook how there are 2 Sleepytots in her home, one for each of her two girls.

“Just want to say a huge thank you to Sleepytot for saving our sleep! Our two girls absolutely love their bunnies. … Thanks again for the support, advice and most importantly your wonderful bunnies”

4. Upsizing Bunny for a growing baby or toddler

Sleepytot comes in 2 sizes, Small and Large. The small is an ideal size for a baby from 6 weeks upwards, however, you may want to upsize to the large Sleepytot as your little one grows. Max’s parents have already upsized to a larger bunny and now Max carries around both – you can count them with him in his truck!

5. Just because you can

Babies and toddlers fall in love with their Sleepytot Bunnies and they make such a difference to their lives and the lives of their parents. That’s why at Sleepytot we offer a Special Offer when you buy 2 or more bunnies you receive 10% off the total price using the promotional code 2comfort.

Now it’s your turn.

We’d love to find out from you about how many Sleepytots live in your home and if you have more than one then tell us your reasons why.

You can send us an email at, add a review at our Shop or get in touch via our Facebook page.