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How to deal with the 27th March

How to deal with the 27th March

The clocks going forward may mean the start of summer for the rest of the UK, but for mums of poor sleepers it can mean… stress!  But the change in the hours doesn’t have to interfere with your little one’s sleeping routine – not if you follow these handy tips…

1:  Gradually Introduce the New Hour

A few days before the clocks go forward, start putting your baby to bed ten minutes earlier than usual. Each night, increase this by ten minutes until your child is going to bed half an hour earlier than their normal time.

2: Stick To Your Child’s Napping Routine

If your little one typically wakes at 7.30am and naps at 10.30am, carry on putting them down three hours after waking up – even if that means your child takes a nap at 9.30am instead of 10.30am.

3: Arrange an Activity-Packed Day for the 26th March!

The clocks go forward in the early hours of Sunday 27th March. If you want your child to wake a little earlier in accordance to the forward hour, allow for them to have lots of fresh air and energetic play the day before. This will help send your little one off to sleep earlier the night before the clocks change, which should mean they wake earlier the following morning.