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How to Overcome Separation Anxiety

How to Overcome Separation Anxiety


You’ve just settled your little bundle of loveliness into their cosy cot and she’s as content as could be. As her eyes begin to get heavy, you gently kiss her goodnight and edge your way to the nursery door. All seems fine…until you’re half way down the stairs and your sleepy baby is now wide awake and letting out a heart-breaking cry for you to return to the bedroom.

Sound familiar?

Bedtime separation anxiety can start at around 6-8 months and can continue until your child is around 5 years old. But there are simple things you can do to help your little one feel more relaxed and secure when you are out of the room.

1:  Keep Things Familiar

Be consistent in your bedtime routine and make sure your little one has her favourite blankie or baby comforter at hand.

2: Leave a Reminder of You

Leave something safe of yours in your baby’s room such as muslin square that has your scent on it. For older children, a picture of you on the wall may come as a great comfort.

3: Use Your Voice

Continue to talk or sing to your little one after you have left the room. You can decrease the amount of time you spend doing this as your baby’s confidence grows. Two-way voice monitors are also a good way that you can communicate with your baby from another room.

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