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How to Sooth a Teething Baby

How to Sooth a Teething Baby


There’s nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain – especially when you feel powerless as to what you can do to help.

While some babies sail through the teething process – only making it known that they’re teething when a little pearly white sprouts up – others experience a significant amount of discomfort and a host of other associated symptoms.

If teething is affecting your baby’s sleep (and yes, this can happen even after trying all the teething “solutions” on the market!), it’s important to maintain their regular bedtime routine. Even if your child is fussier than usual, ensuring they go to bed at their normal time will help them to get enough rest and relaxation. Make your home a quiet and comfortable environment both during the day and at night and give your baby  a familiar comforter – as well as lots of soothing cuddles from you – to help them to relax and feel secure.

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