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Making the Move from Cot to Bed

Making the Move from Cot to Bed


As a parent, your child’s sleep is of utmost importance from the very first day you bring them home with you. How your child sleeps affects everything; from your child’s mood to how you sleep yourself. Developing and maintaining a good sleeping routine is therefore a key factor in parenthood.

One of the major questions often facing parents is when to make the transition from a cot to a ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’ bed.

Our advice is while there is no set age to move your young child from a cot to the bed, most children are ready by the age of three.  However, an extra mobile or inquisitive toddler may start showing readiness by attempting to climb out of their cot. Similarly, toddlers with older siblings may want to follow in their brother’s or sister’s footsteps.

And of course, if you feel that your child has outgrown their cot then you may choose to move them into a bed which offers more space.

The important thing to remember is that every child is different and you should do what is right for you and your child.