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Planning the Baby Nursery

Planning the Baby Nursery

When planning your baby’s nursery, keep in mind that your baby will spend most of her time in the room asleep. To make sure she sleeps safe and sound, here’s a simple, 7 step checklist you can follow.

1. Blackout blinds.

Invest in blinds that make the room really dark. If your baby is a light sleeper, these will be invaluable.

2. Safety.

Complete a risk assessment of the nursery to make sure all hazards have been removed. The cot shouldn’t be near a radiator or blind cords.

3. A music player or iPod docking station.

This will enable you to play lullabies and soothing sleep sounds, helping to establish all important sleep cues.

4. You need less bedding than you think.

A few fitted cot sheets and a baby sleeping bag will keep your little one safe and snug.

5. Baby soft toys are adorable but keep them out of the cot to avoid the risk of suffocation.

They look cute on a shelf and your baby will enjoy looking at them, even talking to them later on. At first, choose one baby comforter that you know is safe and can slowly introduce during your baby’s first year.

6. Bright colours are stimulating and help your baby develop and learn.

But keep them for play time and make sure the nursery is pale and calm. This way your baby will be able to relax and shut down from the busy world around her.

7. When your baby is sleeping in her cot, she is likely to be alone.

For this reason, the cot should be absolutely safe. Take a read of our guide on choosing a cot for your baby’s nursery for guidance on choosing a baby cot.