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Potty Training and Sleep

Potty Training and Sleep

As a parent, the term “one step forward, two steps back” is probably something you think on a monthly basis (at least!). Just as you’ve finally thought you’ve mastered the art of “perfect parenting”, something comes along that makes you question everything (your sanity included) once again!  So let’s talk about potty training…

In the last few weeks you’ve washed a million pairs of underwear, invested in superhero-strength carpet cleaner and have entered the sentence “Do you need a wee-wee?”  into the Guiness Book of Records for the most frequently asked question in one single day. Yes, potty training is challenging for parents as well as kids! But at least there’s nap time to look forward to…or is there?

As you’re probably finding out, potty training can wreck havoc on toddlers’ sleep. As your little one is developing a new awareness of her body, she’s learning the sensation associated with needing to go to the toilet. This new feeling may start waking her in the middle of the night or early in the morning and cause her to wake early from her naps.

While we haven’t got the solution to stop this (and no one ever will!), our award winning baby comforters can make a massive difference to how quickly and easily your toddler falls back to sleep following a mid-slumber toilet break.

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