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Sleepytot Baby comforter gets on TV in Ireland

Sleepytot Baby comforter gets on TV in Ireland


It seems it isn’t just you savvy in the know parents that love our Sleepytot baby comforter bunny. We have recently enjoyed excellent air time on TV in Ireland. We are chuffed.

Niamh O’Reilly, an expert in helping parents and babies with brilliant advice has recommended our Sleepytot bunny. On the show they were talking about getting your little one to sleep and soothers.

See the video on this link and go to about 25 minutes in for a fascinating and entertaining chat. After discussing how best to give your child a safe and familiar bed time routine, Niamh said “ Soother’s are great for babies and the world health organisation recommends them for the first year of their life”.

She commented that a problem with soothers though is that they can go missing and cause your little one a bit of distress.  Here comes the Sleepytot bunny to the rescue “This little fella is a genius”.

She borrowed it off her niece and her family loves it. Niamh O’Reilly comments that the breathable fabric is soft and cuddly and that it works well because you can attach soothers to it, so that your child WILL find them.

We of course agreed with her comments, we too think that our baby comforters are top quality.

Thank you very much Niamh for sharing the Sleepytot baby comforter with your viewers and we hope your niece is enjoying her bunny.