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The Essential Spares – means your little one always has a Sleepytot baby comforter at hand

The Essential Spares – means your little one always has a Sleepytot baby comforter at hand

Inevitably there comes a time when your little one’s Sleepytot Bunny will need its ‘bath time’ or even worse find itself lost!

So, our little ones do come to love their Sleepytot baby comforters and they play a huge role in their lives. Their Sleepytot baby comforter helps them feel safe and secure at all times, even when you’re not around.

It’s only natural that when their Sleepytot Bunny is not around that they get a little upset. And if there is no spare on hand to fill the breach, you will find that your peace is shattered. This can mean lots of sleepless nights and a fretful little one until a replacement is found.

The perfect solution, as many of our parents tell us, is to keep at least one essential spare Bunny to hand.

There may be times when having a different size Sleepytot Bunny for your little one also makes perfect sense. For example, as your little one grows, you may want to consider transitioning from a small bunny to a large one.

The good news is that the Sleepytot Bunny comes in two sizes, small and large. Perfect for babies through to toddlers.

We think Alix, one of our Sleepytot Bunny Mums, sums up why keeping a spare (or in her case 2 spares) at hand is the best advice and what makes Sleepytot Bunny so much more than a baby comforter!

"Dear Sleepytot,
Thank you for saving our sleep! We have 3 of your small grey sleepytot bunnies for our little one and they are without doubt her favourite and most cherished toy. They are fantastic quality and your customer service is second to none. We got 3 so that we can rotate them to always have one clean just in case of accidents and I’m so glad that we did! We got them for her when she was 5 months old as we were desperate after having to go into her bedroom up to 15 times a night to locate and give back her dummy. She quickly learnt how to find her dummy on the bunny and pop it back in herself. We then slowly took a dummy off her bunny every 6 months and at the age of 2 and a half the dummy fairy came to visit. This went without a hitch as she was so attached to her bunny at this stage that the dummy didn’t really matter. Now at 3 and a half her bunny is still the thing that she asks for when she is upset for whatever reason. She also loves to velcro his paws onto tea cups and other toys and thinks that it wonderful that he can hold things and hold hands with other toys! All in all this is the best toy that we ever got for her, so thank you Sleepytot, your bunnies are the best!

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