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What’s So Special About The SleepyTot Baby Comforter?

What’s So Special About The SleepyTot Baby Comforter?


Let’s face it; every company raves about the products it sells; it’s only expected. But no matter how good a promotion team a company has, nothing holds more truth than the people who really know how well a product works – the customers themselves.

So don’t take our word about why the SleepyTot Baby Comforter is so special; listen to the people who are using it night in, night out:

“By the fourth night of having our ‘dummy bunny’, our son was finding it himself at night and going over to sleep himself, it was a miracle!”

Aislinn Wilson

“We love our SleepyTot, and it is without doubt the best thing we bought for our son. Wonderful product and would highly highly recommend.”

Maria Carter

“It’s very cute! I love the idea that when it is time to give up the dummy, that he will still have a cuddly friend with him!"

Josh And Amberley

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