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Why our Pitch to Rich can help so many more families …

Why our Pitch to Rich can help so many more families …

We know Sleepytot makes parents and babies lives better right now and it’s no surprise to us that it is regularly called ‘an absolute life saver’.  But we’re on a MISSION to get Sleepytot in the hands of even more families so it can have an even bigger impact worldwide. That’s why we’re taking up Richard Branson’s challenge and making our very own “Pitch to Rich” this year. And we really do need your help too.

“A Business is simply an idea that makes someone else’s life better” according to Richard Branson. The Pitch to Rich competition is open to entrepreneurs that have an idea that they want to grow. Winners will receive resources to help them achieve this.

Our beloved Sleepytot was born out of such an idea …

Like many parents with babies, Lucy found she was having to get up about 5 times a night to locate baby Laurie’s dummy.

Not strong enough to jump in with two feet and remove the dummy, Lucy set about creating a solution which would mean Laurie could use his soother independently. She knew he needed something soft and loveable that was perfectly safe, that was easy for him to hold, and that she could attach dummies to, but also take them off to wash and replace easily. And of course it needed to be machine washable!

A long search for what she was looking for proved that there was nothing available to solve her problem and so Lucy set about creating her own product… and Sleepytot was born.

‘Hello’ Sleepytot ‘Goodbye’ to the dummy runs!

Since then Sleepytot has gone on to help thousands of children and tired parents all over the world sleep soundly through the night.

Sleepytot is now owned and managed by Julie and Jon from Mini Moo & Co Ltd, (who have experienced plenty of sleepless nights with three children of their own!).

Sleepytot is a Multi Award Winning Baby Comforter  

Parents from all over the world send Sleepytot so much amazing feedback, proving that Sleepytot really can help a child sleep soundly through the night.

Sleepytot has won lots of awards and are endorsed by the Millpond International Child Sleep Clinic along with other sleep and health professionals, we often donate bunnies to hospitals for use on neonatal wards and sleep disorder programmes. We also have a Q&A section on our website where parents can receive free advice from a sleep consultant from Millpond.

Our Mission and how our Pitch to Rich can help …

Julie, Sleepytot’s award winning ‘Mumpreneur’ says “Our aim is to ensure that the Sleepytot Bunny helps even more families all over the world. Babies love our Sleepytot comforter, we want more parents to be able to say ‘Hello’ to Sleepytot and ‘Goodbye’ to night time dummy runs!”

Sleepytot is becoming a well-loved brand within the Nursery industry and is stocked by lots of great retailers; however, we need to spread the word even further to make as many parents as possible aware of Sleepytot and how it could help them. Winning the Grow category in the Pitch to Rich competition could transform the Sleepytot brand completely and enable us to reach an even wider audience and therefore transform the lives of many more tired parents around the world!

Julie says, “We have big plans for the Sleepytot range; we have a new character being introduced this year, going from ‘Sleepytot Bunny’ to ‘Sleepytot Bunny & Co’, plus some great new apps, so marketing support at this exciting time would be invaluable.

We want to push things much further to make sure that Sleepytot can have that positive impact on as many families as possible and we can continue to be what we set out to be, a helping hand in slumberland! We believe we have the product, the people and the potential to make it happen.”

All we need NOW is your help! We need your Vote to move us through the competition.


When you Vote Now on the Pitch to Rich website you could win one of three Sleepytot Bundles worth over £110. Find out more …