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Always Tired? How to Deal With Sleepless Nights

Always Tired? How to Deal With Sleepless Nights


As a new parent, you’ll be all too familiar with lack of sleep!  But while you accept that feeling exhausted comes hand in hand with having a baby, what can you do to get going in the morning when all you want to do is snuggle back down with your baby?

1: Don’t hit the snooze button

Forget that your snooze button exists and get up as soon as your alarm goes off.

2: H20

Take a glass of water to bed and have a few sips as soon as you wake up. Then, if your partner is there to look after the baby, hop straight into the shower and use an invigorating shower gel. Don’t forget to apply some body lotion afterwards as the stroking action will help to get your circulation going.

3: Star Jumps

Exercise may be the last thing on your mind when you’re running on little to no sleep, but embarking on a few star jumps first thing in the morning can really help in raising your energy levels. Your baby will love watching all the entertainment from his Moses basket too!

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