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Moving To Their Own Room: When’s The Right Time?

Moving To Their Own Room: When’s The Right Time?


If you’re a new parent, the question of when your baby should move to their own room will inevitably pop in to your mind at some point in the near future. And guess what? Like most aspects of parenting, there’s no black and white answer.

Most experts recommend that your baby sleeps in your room (at the side of your bed in a cot or Moses basket) for the first few months after birth. While some parents start thinking of moving their little ones to their own room from around six months, many choose to remain roomies for a while longer. (If you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding through the night, then the latter option is probably best!).

For parents of poor sleepers or of those who wake when they sense you’re in the room, sleeping in separate rooms may seem like the obvious solution. But wakeful sleep can be worsened by separation anxiety.  If you do choose to move your baby to a room of their own, offering a familiar toy or baby comforter can help them to feel safe and secure in a new environment.

Every child and family is different and the Big Move should happen at a time that’s right for all of you.

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