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Bed wetting: What’s normal?

Bed wetting: What’s normal?


Your little toddler is fast asleep with their SleepyTot baby comforter tucked up beside them. She’s completely peaceful and in a world of fluffy dreams consisting of candyfloss, teddy bears and fairies. You leave the room, happily. Then half an hour later you hear her calling you because she’s wet the bed. It happens to the best of them. In fact, there’s probably not a parent in the world that has not (or will not) encounter a bed wetting episode at some point or another. But what causes these after-dark accidents, exactly?

Physical Development

Most of the time, children wet the bed because their bodies are simply not yet physically capable of night-time dryness. Just like any other developmental milestone, the ability to remain dry through the night will come when your child’s body is ready. Don’t try to push your child- you can’t bring on the ability to stay dry through the night anymore than you can bring on a full set of teeth and long, curly locks!


If you or your child’s father/ mother experienced bed-wetting as a child, your little one is more likely to experience it as well.

Overproduction of urine

Your child’s body may not yet be producing enough of the hormone that reduces the amount of urine the body produces during the night. While drinking too much close to bedtime can make the situation worse, restricting fluids will not stop accidents from happening.

Your child sleeps deeply

If your child is a particularly deep sleeper, she may sleep through the signal that her bladder needs to be emptied.

Your child’s routine is disrupted

Temporary bed-wetting is fairly common when a child is extremely tired, has a minor illness or feels stressed. Major changes, such as the arrival of a new sibling, or starting school, can make bed-wetting more likely.

Underlying medical conditions

Some medical conditions, such as water infections and constipation can cause temporary bed-wetting.

If you are at all concerned about your child’s bed-wetting, contact your child’s health care provider for advice.

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