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Decorate their Room for a Perfect’s Night Sleep

Decorate their Room for a Perfect’s Night Sleep

Decorating your baby’s bedroom can be a fun and exciting time but it’s important to remember that the environment in which your child goes to bed can affect the quality of sleep they get.

Here are our two top tips on how to decorate your baby’s room for a perfect night’ sleep:

1. Get rid of Bright Lights

A soothing and calming bedroom should be dark or at the very least dim. Opt for black out curtains that will minimise the light from creeping in during the summer months and consider buying dimmer switches that will help to create a relaxing mood as you get your little one ready for bed.

2. Remove Clutter

Babies rooms are prone to becoming cluttered with toys, books and clothes, but all these will do is act is a distraction for your little one. If your baby’s bedroom doubles up as a playroom, remove or neatly store away  anything that doesn’t serve a purpose before bedtime. This will help to teach your child the difference between sleep time and wake time and provide a clear and calming space for them to fall asleep.

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