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Questions to Ask About Your Waking Baby

Questions to Ask About Your Waking Baby

Many children under five go through periods of waking during the night. Some will fall back to sleep on their own while others will cry or call out for you or your partner. Any parent of a child that regularly wakes crying or calling for your company will know how difficult this can be. That’s why parents who buy our Sleepytot baby comforters see many benefits by improving sleep.

By standing in for you when you are not there, our baby comforters help to encourage self-soothing which is an essential skill for achieving a peaceful and unbroken night’s sleep.

To ensure that your baby has the best chance of sleeping well, we recommend that you ask yourself the following five questions along with introducing a self-soothing aid such as our baby comforter.

1. Is your baby hungry?  For children aged one or over, a light snack such as cereal or milk may help them stay asleep for longer.

2. Is your child afraid of the dark? Using a night light could help to provide added comfort

3. Is your child too hot or cold? As a guide, if you feel at a comfortable temperature in your child’s room, so should your child.

4. If your child is a toddler or older, are they waking because they’re having nightmares? If so, try to figure out if anything in particular is bothering them.

Many parents just like you have been able to solve sleeping problems with the help of our award winning baby comforters. If you’re experiencing difficulties with your baby’s sleep then have a read of the feedback we have received from parents.