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Did you plan to give your little one a dummy asks the team at HQ of the Sleepytot baby comforter?

Did you plan to give your little one a dummy asks the team at HQ of the Sleepytot baby comforter?

As people who have had kids before and a business that interacts with parents on a daily basis we are always curious and interested in the parenting techniques of our customers and friends.

There will be many different methods, theories and tactics all with their own merits and disadvantages.

Recently at the home of the Sleepytot baby comforter we were wondering if you planned to give your little one a dummy or if it was out of necessity?

We think a dummy is a useful tool in keeping a little one calm and from many of your responses we can see that a lot of you planned to give your baby a dummy;

Anna Luiza Pilch – Planned the dummy as I was a notorious ’4 finger sucker’ and didn’t want her to follow in my footsteps. But by 6months she decided herself she didn’t want her dummy anymore and has her bunny to comfort instead (and sucks the label on bunny’s bum!)

Kirsty Powles – We would be lost without it and your teddy has got the dummy on it!

However it seems most of you were either against them or just didn’t plan to use them in your parenting, but found out that they are an effective too;

Katherine Reid – "Totally anti them before children; and then colic struck 2 weeks in with my first. With my 2nd I lasted a night as he just screamed and screamed the whole night apart from when sucking my finger; every time I dropped off to sleep my finger would fall out and he’d start screaming again so I resorted to the dummy."

Catherine Victoria Rhodes-Roberts – "Necessity – we didn’t want to but George had colic and couldn’t settle – his dummy helped his wind and it still provides tons of comfort for him at 17 months, he is a very “sensory” boy and sometimes needs it to deal with difficult experiences like baths, loud environments etc and he loves his Sleepytot “Baba” – his best friend!"

Amberley Harding – "We never planned to. In fact, I thought the idea of dummy’s were truly awful. However, have a 10 week premature baby meant that dummies were an aide to our son to learn to suck as he fed. We saw how much of a calming influence it grew to have, and he still wants and has one for sleep (and cuddles when he is sick) with his sleepytot of course!!"

Kerri Wooding Farden – "Wasn’t planned little one was in baby care unit for a month and they advised to able him to learn to suck to be fed as Amberley above said but also they said they help prevent cot death Ronnie is 2 years old now and he still has his sleepytot when he is tired or poorly. I am just waiting for delivery of a pink one for my niece as she has taken a shine to my boys xxx."

So there you have it, some of you planned to give your little one a dummy, some of you didn’t and a lot of you discovered the effectiveness of giving your child a dummy.