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Five steps to stop your baby waking at night - Advice from the home of the award winning Sleepytot baby comforter

Five steps to stop your baby waking at night - Advice from the home of the award winning Sleepytot baby comforter

Having a newborn child is of course a very exciting and busy time. There is so much joy coming your way, so much work to do and very importantly a name to pick. As great, exciting and wouldn't-change-for-the-world having a child is, it can be tiring.

For those of you who have already had kids, you know what is coming and for those of you who expecting your first, you may think you know what's coming, but it is worse. Yes that is right a baby can cause great amounts of sleep deprivation.

Here at the home of the Sleepytot baby comforter we offer advice on how to stop your baby waking at night.

1. Double check you aren't reinforcing any sleep associations

Just be careful here not to enforce any sleep associations that result in waking your baby up. For example maybe there is a noise that is always on when the baby goes to sleep but is missing during the night ( a washing machine or the hum of the TV perhaps). There are countless possibilities for sleep association so beware of them; otherwise you could lose a lot sleep yourself.

2. Double check your little one is getting the right amount of sleep in the day

The right amount of sleep is a tricky thing to gauge, too little and your baby will be exhausted, this will cause stress and make a complete nights sleep difficult. Too much and of course your child won't need any sleep and that means you won't get any sleep. Make sure your little one is relaxed and well rested.

3. Stop your little one losing their dummy at night

At a young age your baby is quite likely going to be attached to a dummy or soother. Your little one will often go to sleep with their dummy in their mouth. Over night the dummy can obviously fall out and your poor baby might end up losing it, causing stress and crying. Our Sleepytot baby comforter will conveniently hold your baby's dummy while it sleeps and if it wakes up looking for it, will know where to find it.

4. Stop night time feeds

If your baby is waking for night time feeds then you will end up losing a lot of sleep. Unfortunately this can mean you have to change your bedtime routine and feeding habits. For a more in depth guide on how to wean your baby off night time feeds, look here.

5. Enforce some sleep training

If all else fails you need to enforce some sleep training for your little one. If he or she keeps waking up throughout the night it is likely to be for one of the reasons above, however sometimes you just need to create an effective bed time and sleep routine for your child.

Having a newborn child can be an exhausting thing. You will lose a lot of sleep in the early stages but hopefully after following the advice above, you might just get a full night sleep.