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How best to handle the 25th October 2015 when you have a young child or baby….

How best to handle the 25th October 2015 when you have a young child or baby….

What’s happening on the 25th October you may ask?

Well, it’s that time of year again – the end of British Summer time and the clocks go back 1 hour at 2am on Sunday the 25th

The good news is that if your little one is in a good sleep routine then their internal clock will more than likely adjust itself naturally as soon as you start putting them to bed at the new time.

To help you all to handle this change in time as easily as possible we’ve put together some tips for you to follow:

In the 10 -14 days leading up to the 25th, start putting your little one to bed 5 minutes later each night. This will allow their body clock to adjust and prevent them from becoming overtired.

Start to adjust meal and nap times as much as possible during this time.

It can take some time for our body clocks to adjust and your little one’s is no different, so don’t worry if their wake up time doesn’t adjust right away – it will do over a few days.

Get outside for lots of fresh air and exercise during the day. Our biological clocks are greatly affected by sunlight so being out and about helps with the time adjustment.

During this adjustment period it is vital that you keep to the bedtime routine that you have and not to be tempted into any ‘bad’ habits that will disrupt it and cause you problems down the line.

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