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The Best Sleep Essentials for Babies

The Best Sleep Essentials for Babies

Newborn babies can sleep for up to 18 hours per day so making sure they have everything they need for a good sleeping routine is extremely important. If you’re looking for those essential items to help comfort your baby then consider the following.

A swaddle blanket


Many parents choose a swaddle blanket as they help to soothe even the most active babies. It will help your baby to feel secure and may help them drift off to sleep easier.

A baby monitor


If you’re feeling anxious about being separated from your new born baby then a baby monitor will help to ease those worries. Some baby monitors will even sound an alarm if it detects no movement from your baby. Some also have a talk back feature to help soothe your baby instantly.


A blackout blind or curtains

These may feel like an item of personal preference. However, a blackout blind or curtains help to keep a room dark and may help to keep your baby asleep for longer. They are ideal to use in summer when days tend to be longer and there is more light.


A night light

Despite blackout blinds and curtains helping your baby to sleep longer, a night light or a light with music can help your baby to drift off. It can help to soothe separation anxiety and comfort your baby when they need reassuring. Just ensure it’s not too bright that it will hurt your baby’s eyes or overstimulate them.


A baby comforter

A comforter like the Sleepytot Bunny can help your child to sleep. Unlike many other comforters, the Sleepytot Big Bunny Comforter has small velcro paws which can hold onto dummy and teethers. It can also be secured to cot bars to help comfort your baby during the early months. It’s a safe way to soothe your baby during the night or day as bunny can grab onto a pushchair or car seat.