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How to dress your baby for bed in the summer

How to dress your baby for bed in the summer


While the summer brings the opportunity to dress your baby in the prettiest cotton dresses or cutest little dungarees, it also brings the stress of what to put on them for bed! We all know that sweltering nights and sweaty blankets are no fun, but while we can set up a fan or strip off when the heat gets too much, our little ones can’t manage their temperatures so easily.

Experts recommend that the safest temperature for your baby’s room is between 16-20ºC (60.8-68ºF) – whatever the weather outdoors. We are also advised to judge our baby’s comfort against our own, with one extra layer added on top. If it’s so hot that you are comfortably sleeping without any covers, for example, then your baby will probably only need one. If you’re sleeping naked, then a sleep suit with no blanket will probably be suitable for your baby. (Remember that our award winning baby comforters can provide comfort and security if your baby misses their blanket during the hot weather.)

Here is a guide for the right amount of bedding to use:

* 12°C: A sheet and four or more blankets

* 16°C: A sheet and three blankets

* 18°C: A sheet and two blankets

* 20-22°C: A sheet and one blanket

* 23°C-plus: A sheet only

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