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New Milestones Could Disrupt Sleep

New Milestones Could Disrupt Sleep


Stumped as to why your previously perfect sleeper has suddenly become an all night stirrer? Tried every tip and trick in the book but still can’t get your little bundle of wakefulness to nod back off? Your baby’s fed, bathed, clean, comfortable, has a dry nappy, has his baby comforter next to him, isn’t teething, is in great health, isn’t anxious… there’s nothing left to explain his new found habit of 2am waking and you’re just about to accept the fact that your little one is simply becoming a “poor sleeper”…

And then you remember the new motor skill he mastered today…

When your baby learns a new physical skill – such as standing or walking – make no reservations that he will want to practice it throughout the night! And he’ll want to do it over and over again! You can help the both of you to start sleeping well again by encouraging your baby to practice his new skills during the day. Once your little one masters his new skills, he’ll spend his night’s reserving his energy to enjoy them during the day, instead of trying to perfect them in the early hours!

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