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Is this a new baby comforter? We don’t think it can replace Sleepytot Bunny though

Is this a new baby comforter? We don’t think it can replace Sleepytot Bunny though

Theo and Beau have gone viral and when we saw the photo we couldn’t help spot the similarity with some of the photos we get from our Sleepytot community of their little ones and their Sleepytot baby comforter.

2 year old Beau and his puppy Theo have become a Social Media hit and Jessica, Theo’s mum is completely floored by the response to the image. The twist in this tale (no pun intended) is that the photos came about as a result of Theo, the puppy, having trouble sleeping alone! So it’s Theo, the puppy that seeks out Beau as a comforter.

Baby comforters offer a great solution to one of the most common problems parents and their little ones struggle with.

Sleep is an essential component for the healthy development of babies and little ones, however, there are many factors that can disrupt our little ones quality of sleep. Sleep deprivation can have a significant negative impact on a baby’s growth, development and mental capabilities. In fact, studies have shown that babies who don’t have enough sleep struggle to relax, learn and grow.

One of the biggest challenges most new parents face is how to teach their babies to sleep through the night. Our Sleep Guide, which is available free of charge here.

Offers seven suggestions that will help you to teach your baby to soothe themselves to sleep with your assistance. They include how to:

Teach your baby the difference between day and night
Establish a bedtime routine
Put your baby to bed awake
Introduce night time baby comforters
Create the right environment
Create a daytime routine
Make sure your baby isn’t hungry
If you haven’t got your copy yet you can get a copy of the Sleepytot Sleep Guide here.

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