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Proven Bedtime Routine

Proven Bedtime Routine

Spend half an hour online and you will find various “proven” sleep routines; all promising to transform your restless little ones into perfectly sound snoozers. But over the years we have spoken to many parents who have bought our baby comforters and despite the varying advice given online, three simple bedtime tricks continue to outperform any other.

Here they are – all in one place for your convenience (we know how busy mums and dads are!):

1: Be militant

Babies and toddlers thrive under predictable routines. If you want your little one to be in the land of dreams by a certain time every evening, you must be strict when it comes to sticking to your night time schedule. Forget bathing one night, showering the next and allowing your child to fall asleep in front of the TV at the weekend. If you want a predictable sleeper then you have to follow a predictable routine.

2: Be consistent


Make sure you follow your bedtime schedule in the exact same way every night. This means playing in the bath for the same amount of time each night, reading the same amount of stories and drinking the same drink at the same time. It may seem over-the-top, but consistency is a proven, time-honoured strategy.

3: Add comfort

Give your child a special bedtime toy or baby comforter to help them fall asleep with further security and reassurance. Flat shaped and ultra soft, baby comforters are easy for your little one to find when they wake during the night which helps them to resettle without the need for assistance.

So there you have it; three simple, time-enduring sleep techniques that you can start implementing into your bedtime routines tonight. You can also pick up further hints and tips by reading our sleep success stories here.