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Swaddling: For or Against?

Swaddling: For or Against?

Before the 18th century, swaddling infants was commonplace and the practice is making a strong comeback.

At Sleepytot, we believe that all parents should do what feels right for them and for their babies. If you’re not sure whether to swaddle your baby or not, our “For and Against” points may help in your decision.

For: Swaddling May Help your Baby to Sleep Better

Swaddling can prevent your baby from making sudden movements and startling, which in turn, promotes good sleep. Swaddling also helps to replicate the confines of the womb which is thought to provide babies with a sense of familiarity, comfort and security.

For: Swaddling May Help to Calm a Crying Baby

Many experts believe that swaddling can help to calm a crying baby and reduce the amount of time spent crying. Again, the familiar womb-like comfort is likely to be a major reason why this is, as swaddling helps crying babies primarily between the ages of one week and seven weeks. For older babies, reputable baby comforters have shown to be extremely effective.

For: Your Baby Could Be at Decreased Risk of SIDS

Babies who are swaddled are unable to crawl in their cots or pull bedding over their heads so they are at a significantly reduced risk of accidental suffocation. Whether you decide to swaddle your baby or not, always place your infant on its back to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Against: Concerns about Hip Dysplasia

Some medical professionals have expressed concern that swaddled babies are at a higher risk of developing hip dysplasia. Although formal research is still insufficient, it is believed that swaddled babies, who had a normal examination at birth, may be at risk of developing hip dysplasia later on. This risk is thought to be higher in babies born to families with a history of the condition or those who were in the breach position before birth.

Against: Worries Over Heat and Circulation

Swaddling your baby too tightly can cause problems with circulation and increase the risk of overheating. Before you swaddle your baby, make sure you know how to do it properly by asking your nurse or midwife to show you.

Ensuring that your family achieves good quality sleep is a majorly important part of parenthood. You can read how our happy clients have overcome their babies’ sleeping issues here with the help of our award winning Sleepytot baby comforter here.