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When to Give up a Dummy

When to Give up a Dummy


Deciding the right time for your child to give up his or her dummy can be a personal preference. However, from around six months old is a good time to start limiting its use. That’s not to say that the process is easy as it isn’t but if you’re wondering how you can make this transition a little easier for you and your baby then consider the following.

It won’t happen quickly. It’s highly unlikely that your baby will just suddenly be able to give up their dummy. It can be a drawn out process and you may find it easier to cut down on dummy time gradually rather than going cold turkey.

Limit it to certain times. Try limiting dummy time to a specific time at first. Perhaps, just letting your baby have it for an hour before bed in the evening, or just at bedtime.

Remember to be patient and to keep going. Your child may get upset at first so try comforting him or her with a cuddle rather than a dummy.

If bedtime is a problem then consider other options to help comfort your child. Our Sleepytot Baby Bunny Comforter is ideal for soothing babies during the night due to its practicality. The comforter can hold onto your baby’s dummy with its small velcro paws and can also be used as a pillow on changing mats. It helps your child to get back to sleep if they wake during the night as they can find the dummy themselves and it helps to make weaning off a dummy that little bit easier as once the dummies are gone, your LO will still have the comforter to love.

Try a teething ring. If your baby is teething then offer them a teething ring to help soothe their gums. A teether can also be attached to the Baby Bunny Comforter so your child can find it easily during the night.