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Why Sleep is So Important for Your Baby?

Why Sleep is So Important for Your Baby?

Any parent who has witnessed the effects of a delayed bedtime, a missed nap or a poor night’s rest will know all too well how important sleep is to a little one. If your child hasn’t slept well you may find that they’re less engaged with activities, have a shorter attention span or are grumpy and irritable.

There is a strong link between sleep and memory and sleep plays a major role in the maturation of children’s brains. Children that sleep better during the night often have better temperaments and are can be more adaptable to different social situations. Just like adults, a fatigued infant is likely to get more easily frustrated and distressed than a child who is well rested.

The importance of quality sleep in childhood is a highly studied area and something which we at Sleepytot the home of the Sleepytot Baby Comforter consistently keep pace with.

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